Kenny lives for challenges, especially those that involve an adventure. Here are some of the adventures he’s filmed along the way…

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FEAR - We all deal with fear and uncomfortable situations on a daily basis. Free-diving with sharks was my way of facing them.

The Ride - A 404km charity cycling race that challenged me to push through pain and discomfort.

Mindfulness - A true adventure welcomes the unexpected. We went exploring for a few weeks off the coast of Mexico and were rewarded by countless jaw-dropping moments of natural beauty day after day.

Arctic Exploring - A real adventure is not knowing what will happen or whether or not you'll score on waves/weather, especially in the arctic! What a blast!

The Retreat - Who says pushing the limits can't be fun! I took a group of professional hockey players outside of their comfort zones in and out of the gym to show them just how much they are actually capable of accomplishing...oh yeah, and had a blast doing so!

State of Mind - I took a group of NHL players on a retreat to push them outside of their comfort zones and show them just how strong they actually were mentally.

Chasing the Podium - We walk you through what it takes to push through barriers to recover from injuries as a professional athlete and overcome obstacles with pro snowboarder Charles Reid.