What Elite Athletes say about working with Kenny

Thank you Kenny for being so available for me throughout the years, traveling the world together. We did it! We have the Belt!
— Alexandre Bilodeau 2x Olympic Gold Medalist 2010 & 2014
Jennifer Abel.jpeg
Kenny was one of my first coaches in B2ten. In my 2013 year, I had so many changes in my sport that at one point, I didn’t know who I was has an athlete. But every time I was training with Kenny, he was there for me too put me on the right track. It was really hard at first because we didn’t know each other and I was really shy so I didn’t want to ask any questions, but Kenny was always there for me to make sure that I understood what the goal of every exercises was that he made me do. Kenny also took the time to create new balance exercises for me to fix all my little problems that could’ve impeded me on the 3 meters springboard. Kenny is the kind of coach that every professional athletes wants because he is really good at what he is doing, he is creative and event if you are suffering during your weight training you still want to come back because he knows how to motivate his athletes.
— Jenn Abel – Canadian Olympic Medal Winning Diver at London 2012
Kenny, Merci pour tout! Merci pour ta disponibilite, ta presence, ta belle humeur, ton professionalisme...
You are a big part of this success...
We did it baby!!!
— Dominique Maltais 2x Olympic Silver and Bronze Medalist 2006 & 2014
Working with Kenny Spracklin has allowed me to realize my full potential as a football player and an athlete. His logical and intelligent approach to training has kept me healthy and competing at a high level for years. His Pre-
Combine workouts helped me achieve numbers I never thought I could obtain. I owe much of my College and NFL success to the help and guidance of Kenny.
— Corey Greenwood Linebacker NFL and CFL
sergio pessoa.jpeg
I have been working with Kenny Spracklin for about 4 years now. Since the beginning, Kenny took the time to evaluate my entire body to look for weaknesses. Kenny has been an amazing strength coach in terms of rebuilding the areas that lacked strength and also developing the strong parts of my body. He’s put me up to the test and has challenged me in many ways. Throughout all these years he has been innovating and changing my program so I could perform at my best on the mats. He adapted my training program to my style of fighting, especially in building quickness and explosiveness.
He’s also been a great therapist/rehab coach when injuries came along. While competing at a high level and working hard to be the best in the game, it might happen that some injuries show up. I have had two ACL surgeries in the past 3 years and he has rebuilt me from scratch each time. He allowed me to come back stronger so I could continue to perform at a high level. He has taught me a lot of stuff about training and performing and he has also become a great friend. I strongly believe that he is one of the best strength trainer/therapist in the game today. I look forward to continue working with Kenny as I prepare for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
— Sergio Pessoa – Olympic Canadian Judo Athlete
I started working with Kenny pre Olympic season summer 2013 and it was the best choice I could have made. Coming off from a knee injury this summer, it was a no brainer to work with someone who is an amazing trainer and sports Physio like him! He was able to get me on a training program to further my strength and core, which really helped me compete. He was also able to help me get my knee back to strength! I can’t say enough how much he has helped me both physically and mentally
— Kevin Hill – Canadian Olympic Snowboard Cross