Kenny Spracklin BSc, CATC, CSCS, Performance Coach

Certified Athletic Therapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Kenny’s many life experiences from playing competitive sports to cycling across Canada and ice climbing on Mount Everest are simply a few examples of what gives him an edge when working with Olympic, NHL, NFL and countless other professional athletes from various sports. 

He is also co-founder and developer of a plant based sports nutrition line of products that is targeted towards optimizing performance, recovery and immune system function.  He is constantly pushing the limits to help come up with the absolute best strategy to gain the competitive edge for not only performance but for proper body function

Motivation is one of the primary tools when working with athletes, through injury or to increase one’s performance.  Helping attaining the athletes goals, correcting imbalances that may be giving a detrimental effect in performance, and any other aspect of bettering one’s life.

Kenny has a hands on approach to treatment which relies mostly on soft tissue release techniques, some muscle energy techniques, manual mobilizations, dynamic muscle stretching and proprioceptive muscular strengthening.  Along with postural control, PNF functional pattern firing and stabilization exercises they all play an important role in the entire process of returning athletes to a peak performance state after injury.